The planning for the new kitchen is nearing a conclusion.  All that remains is the granite and the flooring.  We set off for Battersea, arrived with the address that our designer had given us and our I phone.  We wanted to see a decent sized piece to judge what the effect would be.  The warehouse had an enormous range to choose from, each ‘sheet’ was circa 2x4m, with a great overhead system for moving the sheets effortlessly.

We reserved the two sheets we needed gave them the name of our designer and set off in the direction of the river.  The whole area around the old power station is an enormous building site, we found the Cat and Dogs home and then noticed the Boqueria.  An attractive modern building, as its title would imply, offering genuine Spanish tapas.  And it delivers just what it says on the tin.  The Pimentos de Padron were great.  I could have been in Spain!  The pulp a la Gallego (served on slices of potato) were equally good, but the piece de resistance was the Tortilla – magnificent.

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