Easter – The Bell at Sapperton

Easter is early, the forecast is very good for Good Friday but rubbish for the rest, with high winds and wet.

I suggested we ought to take advantage and go out.  I somewhat reluctantly agreed that a walk was a good idea, with a sort of throw- away line about the footpaths being very muddy after yesterday’s rain.  The choice of Sapperton was a good idea once I’d made sure we could get a table latish at the Bell.

The footpaths were a bit boggy but the sun shone, the woods were beginning to sprout green, the first blue bells were showing colour and wild garlic was shooting through the brown leaves away from the muddy paths!

The Bell at Sapperton is very much at the top of the village and the recommended route was down past the church and then steeply down to the stream then equally steeply up the other side.  Then something like a mile along the top and down again to the water across the road bridge and up to the other end of the village, hardly the gently stroll that I had anticipated.  But my spirits rose at the thought of the menu awaiting us.

We sat in the sun in the garden and I studied the menu, with a cool drink in hand, unfortunately non- alcoholic, I was driving.

Chris started with a chicory salad and I settled for a chicken parfait with cherries on Brioche.  Both were very good.  To follow Chris had a special burger and I had the Cod with clam chowder.  It’s probably fair to say if we are going out of town to eat The Bell is one of our favourites.  It’s never disappointed yet.



The Bell Sapperton





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