Honey & Co October 2016

As you may well realise I follow Nicholas Lander, the Financial Times Restaurant critic.  Some years ago he did a review of Honey & Co in Warren Street.  Since then we have visited once or twice but always for a ‘light lunch’

Last weekend we had been shopping for lights in Tottenham Court Road and we arrived just after 3pm.  The head girl said it would probably be about half an hour, so we said fine, and she said , ‘if you give me a phone number I will give you a ring’.

We walked all of 10 or 15 yards to the 18th Century pub further along the road.  The Smugglers was comfortably full of the young Saturday crowd and I enjoyed the real ale they had on tap.

My phone rang almost too soon so we wandered back, the Maître d waved from the back of the  restaurant and in just a few minutes she came out to fetch us with a big grin, ‘I will get you a table inside?  She got us settled in and one of her associates presented us with the menus and talked us through the format.

We ordered the mezze for both of us to share.  (Yemeni falafel, creamy hummus, saffron pears with walnuts, burnt potato bourekka, labaneh with pumpkin, hot tomatoes, pickles and olives, home- made bread with olive oil).  We then chose a main course each.  I chose the chicken (slow cooked chicken with dates in a filo parcel, medjool date and orange salad) and Chris the Lamb (slow-cooked Lamb and aubergine baked in flat bread) and we ordered drinks.

The room seated 22-24 of us with a few more on tables outside, and whenever anyone left their space was taken.  We were certainly the oldest of a very mixed group of colours and creeds.  The places buzzed. When the mezze arrived it looked marvellous and tasted wonderful.  The thought that we may just have over ordered crossed my mind, but it didn’t linger!  The flavours and textures were wonderful and luckily they gave us some breathing space before the mains arrived.

We just about managed the glorious succulent food, but deserts where out of the question!

We will do a report on the puds next time.


Honey & Co, 25a Warren Street, W1T 5LZ

0207 3886175


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