We have been lucky enough to travel extensively through Ian’s work. In just the last ten years we have lived in Barcelona, Singapore and Paris and know a great many artists from many different countries. We have collected Victorian watercolours for 30 years and that continues.

Martin’s Gallery, (first started in 1987 on a part-time basis) allowed Ian to share his passion for paintings and sculpture with a much wider audience the Gallery closed in 2013.

The excitement, strength, spacial feeling and colour in contemporary Vietnamese art provides a huge contrast to the more traditional work of the senior Royal Academicians leading what used to be termed Modern British.

But for us what made this business special was when one met an artist with that spark of special understanding/ability. Whether they are from the flood plain of the Irrawaddy, around Mandalay, the quaint old Chinese houses in Old Beijing, the banks of the Seine or the centre of the Cotswolds, they have the future in their hands. If we could help in some small way to provide recognition for their ability, therein lies the satisfaction.

Please browse through the archived exhibition pages to enjoy some of the wonderful shows from Martin’s Gallery’s history.