Barrie Bray


Having been born in Cornwall and never far from the sea, it was inevitable that this was to be a strong influence in Barrie’s work.  The sea could be said to be central to his work, with its ever-changing moods, patterns and light.  The view from his studio, perched right on the edge of the sea in Mount’s Bay, is a constant inspiration. 

His work is a response, not only to the feelings he has for the subject, but also such qualities as colour and rhythms inherent in the landscape.  Such a response he considers essential to the success of his work.  The chosen medium will be that which best conveys the initial impressions

Having long been a painter, it was in 1991 that Barrie, together with his wife Heather, also a painter, opened the Avalon Art Gallery in Marazion.  This quickly became one of the leading galleries in Cornwall.  However, a decision was made in 1998 to give up this in order to spend more time painting.