Thanh Chuong

1948   Born in Bac Ninh Province. Began painting from the age of 7. With the painting ‘A big Cock’ won the gold prize in the International children’s painting competition

1960   Entered Hanoi Fine Art College, Hanoi


1973, 1976 and 1980  Group exhibition, Exhibition House, Hanoi,Vietnam.

1980, 1984, 1988 Awarded 1st class prize for illustrations by Van Nghe Magazine

1985    National Fine Art Exhibition, Hanoi,Vietnam.

1987 Group exhibition, Hanoi painter’s, Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam

1988 Group exhibition, Hanoi painter’s, Fine Art Museum, Hanoi,Vietnam.

1994     Group exhibition,China.

Group exhibition, Asian Art, Hong Kong.

2nd prize, National Graphics, Vietnam Plastic Arts Association

1995     Solo exhibition, Red River Gallery,Hanoi,Vietnam

Group exhibition Vietnam Contempany Art, Royal College of Art in London, England.

Group exhibition, Vietnam Open, Scandinavian Center Arthus,Copenhagen

Group exhibition Yokohama Post Side Gallery,Yokohama,Japan.

1996    Group exhibition, Seoul, South Korea

Group exhibition,Hanoipainter’s,Hanoi,Vietnam.

1997     A new morning, Hanoi Fine Art College

1998 With Heart & Soul & Mind New World Arts Centrer (So Ho) New York. U.S.A.

Five contemporary Vietnamese Painter, Vinh Loi Gallery, HCM City

1999     Exhibition of International,Korea

A Celebration of Life -London,England.

Two contemporary Artists inVietnam, Tatkamatsu and Kioto-Japan.

Thanh Chuong’s Lacquer painting Gallery Art U -Osahaka-Japan.


1973  3rd class prize at the Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition

1974  Copper Medal prize of International Graphics in Czechoslovakia Exhibition of Illustrations for Publications inHanoi

1975 to present  Working for Van Nghe – The Literature and Art weekly magazine