Cuong Le Thiet

1985-90 – Attended the Vietnam State Film College in Hanoi. Studied set design for two years , animation in the final three years

1990- Began study of Tibetan Buddhism and produced a series of paintings

influenced by its teachings. 

Solo Exhibitions

2000- “Beyond our vision”- Gallery 55 Bangkok, Thailand.

2001- “Minimalist Path – Period 1991-2001″ Dragon Gallery,Hanoi,Vietnam

2002- “The way to one” Gallery 55, Bangkok, Thailand.

2003- “Unspoken dialogue”Plum Blossoms Gallery,New York, USA

2004- “ZoomVietnam”Gajah Gallery, Singapore.        

          “Meeting Myself”, Gallery55, Bangkok, Thailand

          ”Inspiration from Basho’s Poem”, Shingendo Gallery,Tokyo Japan

          “Facing”, Thang Long Gallery,Hanoi,Vietnam

2005-” Around Hoankiem’s Lake”, Mosaique Living room and Que gallery,Hanoi,Vietnam 


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