Jaques Le Bescond

Jaques Le Bescond was born in 1945. Nothing predetermined that he would be a sculptor except the passion that all the time drives him to organize his life as one. 

A passion for form and line, a passion for materials: initially with wood which allowed him to tackle sculpture from the cabinet makers art. 

Well known architects commissioned him for restoration work to carved paneling. 

Courses at Boulle Schoolled him to becoming a master in design and moulding. 

It was thus a short step to marble becoming his preferred material. 

He invariably selected stone the size of what he wanted to make. He chose the stone himself in quarries. Their colours, their shapes, providing the inspiration for what he could make them into. 

A well as Carrara he chose the marble of a particular quarry in Provence which suited his traditional style providing pieces full of sensuality. 

Belgian black marble allowed him to develop his designs further towards abstraction. 

The diversity of his work reveals who for him are his major inspiration: Rodin, Archipenko, Brancusi, Moore and more recently Volti. 

His most successful pieces he then produced as small editions in bronze, but others are produced as public monuments. 

Orpheo Negro is a large bronze (170cm in height, weighing 76kg) which the owners of the gallery saw at his studio in Paris some 5 or 6 years ago, they both completely fell for it, ordered one and returned at Christmas to collect it.  They are very happy living with it!