Jean Laniau

Born in 1931 in La Rochelle, France.  His passion for drawing led him to attend various masterclasses, from Belleville to Montparnasse.  This discipline is the basis of his work. 


Prix Sculpture à Deuil – La – Barre

Prix Sculpture au Salon de Pontoise

Médaille d’Argent Aquarelle

Sculpteur Invité d’Honneur au Salon de Sannois

Prix du Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France à Rambouillet 

Solo exhibitons inFranceas well as theUSA (New York,San Francisco and Las Vegas)Italy, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and London. 

From 1975 onwards, Jean Laniau decided to attend the sculpture and engraving master classess of the Ecole Superieure de Montparnasse and in 1977 the courses of the Place desVosges.  It seems obvious that the previous years works are going to prove particularly useful in order to achieve the desired goal.  Jean Laniau, the never tiring drawer, starts then with a working strategy which he will never abandon later on.  For him, the model is absolutely necessary for the achievement of the work. 

For Jean Laniau, the aspect of the patina is essential and he likes to play with its colours.  For him it is not good to produce two bronzes that have the same patina and for those who like bronze, the variety of colours can be real enchantment.