Mary Rippon

Mary has been a teacher all her working life, living and working in areas of London. She chose to take early retirement from full-time work, and then re-qualified to teach severely dyslexic youngsters. She moved to Cheltenham in 2002. 

For many years her teaching subject was around all aspects of textile arts,  after training at Nottingham, Hornsea and Westminster Colleges. In this period, as well as teaching, she provided many embroidered collages for Liberty’s in London, usually for export to the USA. 

Alongside her main career she has always been on the periphery of arts and crafts with periods of tuition for pottery, silversmithing, wood carving and painting. 

As a child Mary was fascinated by the changing patterns seen inside a kaleidoscope, and there seems to be a link between this and her interest and enjoyment centred on fused glass art. Taught locally at Stanton Guildhouse, she has been designing and making kiln fired glass for over five years. The intensity of glass colours has brought her much pleasure and she takes particular delight in the often random success of playing out fresh colour schemes. 

Mary has been pleased to exhibit her fused glass at Martin’s Gallery in Cheltenham in recent years. She has also exhibited at Hadfield Fine Art Gallery and is a member of the Fosseway Artists and of Cheltenham Art Club.