Michael Norman

Michael Norman lives and works in Devon. He painted for many years in oils and watercolours before taking up pastels, and was a member of the Birmingham Watercolour Society before moving to Devon. 

Having experimented with pastels for some time, he began to appreciate how versatile they are and now works solely in this medium.  All of his work is in soft pastel.  He uses an abrasive ground to work on, either a pumice surface or Pastelcard.  He also uses Canson pastel paper occasionally. In recent years he has built up a reputation as a talented pastel painter. 

Key dates 

2000                First Solo Exhibition

2002                Work first accepted by the Pastel SocietyUK

                          Work first accepted by the South West Academy of Arts

2004                Prize Winner at theSouthWestAcademyof Arts

2006                Winner of the Sarah Samuels Fine Paintings Award at the Pastel Society                                                

2007                Winner of the Unison Pastels Award at the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition

                           Elected to Membership of the Pastel SocietyUK

2008                Winner of the Bill Patterson Memorial Award at the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition                    

                           Elected to the Council of the Pastel Society

2009                Winner of the Frank Herring Award at the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 

Michael Norman is a member and Honorary Treasurer of the Pastel Society UK.