Pierre Marcel-Berronneau

Pierre-Amédée Marcel-Béronneau was born in Bordeauxon 14th July 1869.  He studied at l’ecole Municipale des Beaux-Art until 1891 and the following year he met Gustave Moreau whose work had a profound effect on Marcel-Béronneau and was to influence his painting throughout his career. 

Despite the striking similarities between master and pupil, Moreau was a liberal teacher and nurtured a free spirit in Marcel-Béronneau.  This is evident in both style and subject where thick impasto and broad brush strokes are used to explore themes of temptation, seduction, sensual pleasure, triumph, pain and death. 

Germaine Marchant, the sitter for ‘Femme au Parfum’, was his model for many other works.  The artist fell deeply in love with her and they were married in 1918.  Béronneau painted her obsessively in pursuit of the representation of the ‘Femme-Fatale’. 

Aside from his artistic legacy Béronneau also created L’etoile’ which provided support for artists during the First World War;  his support for this cause was recognised in 1914 when he was made a Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur.  After a car accident in 1933 Béronneau remained in the South of France and died at La Seyne-sur-Merin 1937.