Thomas Bush Hardy


Marine painter. (1842-1897) 

T B Hardy was a marine painter and watercolourist and was the father of the painter, illustrator and poster designer Dudley Hardy. Born in Sheffield, he travelled in Holland and Italy. He exhibited at SS 1871-97 (elected RBA in 1884), RA and NWS.

Hardy is known primarily for his works of vessels of ample size and sail area; as well he popularized professional fishing in many of his works. He was a prolific artist who worked in oil and watercolors often heightened with body colour. He garnered a greater attention with his watercolors and as a result, these works are more widely collected and are considered by many to be the finer.

He was a member of the new watercolor society and was also elected a member of the royal society of British artists in 1884. He exhibited at theSuffolk streetgalleries and at the royal academy.