Past Exhibition – Impressions – Feb – Apr 2012

The exhibition was a private collection of Impressionist paintings from Spain,France and the U.K.  The collection came about as a result of the collectors being domiciled in Spain (Barcelona) for three years and some time later domiciled in France (Paris) for a similar period before returning to live in the U.K. 

They have collected paintings and sculpture for some 35 years. During their time in Spain and France this process continued , some of which were impressionist and some a mix of contemporary styles.  Interestingly, most of the French and Spanish impressionist works were 19th century or early 20th and most of the British are contemporary pieces. 

 Whilst the exhibition gave most emphasis to impressionism the non impressionist works collected in Spain and France were included as an interesting aside as to what the couple, when uprooted from their normal environment into a foreign country, chose to collect.  Thus their impressions of Spain and France respectively.

  The names you will recognise are Carlos Nadal and Eustaquio Segrelles for Spain and for France, Beronneau, Lebourg, Maufra, Montezin, Petitjean and Vuillard.  The British contingent of Impressionists includes work by Peter Brown, Fred Cuming, Bernard Dunston, Ken Howard.