Past Exhibition – The Dobunni Painters

The Dobunni Painters

September 21st – October 13th 2012

The Dobunni Painters are a group of independent, well established artists in Southern England.  They work in a broad variety of media and share a passion for landscape in all its moods.  The subtle misty autumn mornings with wet dew shining in the sunlight, contrasting with the burnt out colours of the mid day sun in summer and the wonderful evening light with deep shadows in the valleys. 

Their shared love of the landscape comes in very different styles, sometimes inspiring each other to see and capture the ever changing features and the lasting beauty of our surroundings in new and different ways. 

The Dobunni Painters were formed back in 1995 and their longevity is probably due to the calibre of the painters that joined together, as well as to the very individual characters that they are. This variety and their enthusiasm for each others works is a great strength and provides us with exciting and sometimes challenging work.  Once, or sometimes twice a year they come together for a group show.

 Martin’s is proud to welcome back Valerie Batchelor, Doug Eaton, Robert Goldsmith, Jane Lampard, Andy Le Poidevin and Michael Long,  following the very successful tribute to one of their founding members, Michael B Edwards last year. 

There will  a ‘book of the exhibition’ published by Martin’s the Publishers on 3rd September  2012 entitled ‘ The Dobunni Painters’