Previous Exhibition – Watercolours May 2012

Watercolour has a certain magic.  My artist friends tell me it is the most difficult medium to become proficient in.  You have to be sensible as to where you hang them (not in direct sunlight etc).  They need protection with glass etc etc,  why then do so many of us love them ?  It’s the Magic, the simplicity, the transparency, the delicacy of the colour. 

The Exhibition is two private collections.  The collectors of the main one started, having inherited some Victorian watercolours they continued to admire and then collect more.  Since then (late 60’s) the collection has grown and broadened considerably.  The predominance is Victorian and early 20th Century British watercolours.  There is an interesting selection by Sir W.R. Flint and various works from other countries, most of which are contemporary.

 Some of the other names you will recognise are Edward Arden, Lillian Russell Bell, E.F. Brewtnall, Thomas Hardy Bush, C. E. Dixon, C.Duassut, R.W.Fraser, H.J.Kinaird, Harold Lawes, F.W.Scarborough, C.J.Way, F.J.Widgery.