We have collected sculpture in all sorts of media for many years.  There are a number of sculptors who are Gallery Artists.  Most sculpture is UK based, although we did show work from one or two sculptors from Spain and France, found during our time living there.  Our favourite media are stone, bronze, glass and stainless steel, although wood, silver and many others have featured.

Philip Hearsey

Philip Hearsey uses the sand-casting process to create vessil forms that honour and explore the qualities of bronze as a material in its own right.

“The rim is critical; it is the interface between the container and that which is contained – it is most usually bright polished and not only reveals, beauty colour and solidity of the material but…exemplifies any asymmetry or dichotomy between the “outer surface of the piece as a whole the ‘container’, and the space and void that is contained”


 Anita Mandl

Most of her scupltures are simplified animal forms with highly polished surfaces and detail eliminated in order to set off the natural beauty of her materials.  Early carvings were mostly in hardwoods.  Later she turned to alabaster, soapstone and marble.  For some years she experimented with two-tone effects, polished areas with chiselled or scratched finishes or inlaid resins.  Unusually for a stone carver, many of Anita’s pieces are also cast into bronze in limited editions.  Since 1987 they have been cast and patented exclusively by Pangolin Editions.

Richard Jackson

Jackson received a Diploma in Techniques and Technology of Hand Glassmaking and Decoration from Dudley College of Technology in 1986.  He went on to study his BA under Steven Proctor and Ray Flavell at West Surry College of Art and Design, graduating in 1989.  Since then he has taken short courses of study at San Francisco State University, USA, Northlands Creative Glass, Scotland and at Bullseye Resource Centre, USA.

Sally Fawkes

BA (1st Class Hons) 3D Design – Glass, Surrey Institute of Art and Design.

George Jones

Completed a Princes Trust Heritage course in dry stone walling and stone masonry.  Has sold one of his original pieces through Gloucester Cathedral and has recently completed two commissions.