The Publishers

Our background is as art collectors not gallery or publishers.  I worked all my first career for a multinational chemical company on three different continents.

Being interested in art I have become involved with young/starting up artists during the 80’s and 90’s, but during the 90’s I accepted postings to Barcelona (3years), Singapore (3 years) and finally Paris in 1998.  Eventually the business was acquired by another Multinational , I went with the business to aid the process of amalgamation, retiring early as part of the deal once the position was optimised.

We returned to the UK, moved west and opened Martin’s Gallery in Cheltenham in 2003.  The gallery went from strength to strength with a reputation for an interesting offering and good service.

I liked to get to know artists I worked with , its important for both parties.  We brought national groups to Cheltenham (RWS, NEAC, Pastel Society) as well as international (Vietnamese and French – both two dimensions and three)

In this period the amount of printed material we were producing grew substantially and our move into publishing was a natural one.

2011 saw our first Art book, A Year in Venice by John Trigg (March) coincided with an exhibition of the artists’ artwork (2D and 3D) the like of which we had not presented before. Over some 35 years the paintings and sculpture we collected has grown significantly.   In April we published ‘ A Passion for Change’ as the introduction to a short series of books presenting the art collection.  One – Royal Academicians coincided with an exhibition of 60-70 works by RAs from the collection. Followed by Two-Impressions, and Three-Watercolours.

The immediate plan is to complete the series but as you may guess from the title the series is already broadening to other passions I have.