A Passion for Change
One Royal Academicians

We did not set out to collect works by Royal Academicians, the works we found that we liked quite often turned out to be by R.A’s.  Thus when you start to look back and revisit where you have come from and where you have reached the RA’s seemed to be the right place to start in writing up the collection.

Various artists are featured in the book including Sir William Russell Flint, Diana Armfield, the late Donald Hamilton Fraser.  Below is an extract, part of the section on Ken Howard.

Ken Howard

Ken is a lovely man, he is able to talk to anyone at their level, and in doing so put them at their ease – a great gift.  He is blessed with more than his fair share of common sense

When I was doing my research, Ken Howard was probably the most widely distributed artist I came across: he had work everywhere and it must have been a nightmare keeping on top of the situation.  Then he went exclusive to Richard Green and there was a certain amount of noise in the market place.  He did, however, continue to provide work to full NEAC shows.

He was kind enough to visit Martin’s for a celebration of his work in 2004 with a selected group of clients.  This went well and a good time was had by all.

He has just published his autobiography “Light and Dark”, what a full life he has had.