A Passion For Change Three Watercolours

The third of the series os finished, people have asked me, how many will there be, how big is your collection, where do you keep it all…..the truth is probably, I don’t know exactly.

The subject or title is what comes first, and naturally that defines the bulk of the content but not the totality.  Watercolours was an obvious subject in itself, it was where it all started.  But when you then sit down to plan in detail other things happen.  For instance Myanmar was pencilled in to the Asia plan (naturally!), yet when I started getting into the detail ourMyanmar paintings are mostly watercolours and very delicate so I thought they would be much better in this show.  You might also ask, how did Nigeria become part of this?

One day I mentioned to my boss that I had been looking at some antiques/paintings over the weekend and it turned out he collected paintings himself.  Sometime later he took me to one side and recommended that I consider an artist that he was collecting (he had just purchased another that weekend) and he said you could get a standard size on for about £90.  This was 1965, my annual salary was £925 gross which meant £57 net/month on which I was running a flat and a car, with nothing left over.  In those days no credit cards, if you didn’t have the money you didn’t get the goods.  Pity though, the artist was L S Lowry.  He had about 12 at that stage!