A Passion for Change
Two Impressions

92-95 Barcelona

Excerpt from Page 9

“I blurted out: Well, if you really are desperate, I’ll come and do it for you!
He looked at me for long, piercing seconds and eventually said: ‘Are you serious?’

I was not even sure why I had said it; I certainly hadn’t intended to.  The girls had had their planned few years of stability at secondary school, although Sam hadn’t finished.  I didn’t speak the language: I’d never even talked about anything like this with Christine.  All this jumble of thoughts raced through my mind.  My boss was just looking at me expectantly, waiting for my response.”

98-2001 Paris

Excert from page 39

We are half way through lunch at what is rapidly becoming our favourite winery in Margaret River, Western Australia.  I am called away to take a phone call.  This is not a frequent occurrence at present as I’m recuperating after a quintuple heart bypass performed in Singapore where we are currently living and working.  But that, as they say, is another story…

We had started lunch early and I was half way through my second glass of wine, which was reacting well with whatever residual drugs remained in my system over the recent weeks.  So I was probably that little bit more clear and to the point than I would normally have been!

It wasn’t until I had finished my main course that the significance of what we had discussed hit me. I wonder…

Two or three weeks later after several changes of flight (return date), we returned to Singapore to slowly take up the reins.  Five months later we landed at Paris (Charles de Gaulle) to start looking for somewhere to live.


2001-2005 Cheltenham

The exhibition is a private collection of Impressionist paintings from Spain, France and the U.K.   The collection came about as a result of the collectors being domiciled in Spain (Barcelona) for three years and some time later domiciled in France (Paris) for a similar period before returning to live in the U.K.

They have collected paintings and sculpture for some 35 years and during their time in Spain and France this process continued, some of which were impressionist and some a mix of contemporary styles.  Interestingly, most of the French and Spanish impressionist works were 19th century or early 20th and most of the British are contemporary pieces.

Whilst the exhibition gives most emphasis to impressionism the non impressionist works collected in Spain and France have been included as an interesting aside to what the couple, when uprooted from their normal environment into a foreign country, chose to collect.  Thus their impressions of Spain and France respectively.