I take the weekend FT despite its prince (£3.50) mainly because it’s very often interesting on Art, the magazine is great on food and wine and I find the main section is good for news (with a business slant).  I follow Nicholas Lander on restaurants and last week I was in the Piccadilly area and did something I’ve never done before.  I walked into a restaurant with the page Lander had written circa mid-March, and took my seat at the sushi counter.

When approached by a young lady who smiled when she saw what I was holding, she exclaimed saying “we have been very busy but you are the first to arrive with the cutting!”  I had intended to re-read the article before entering but I was running a bit late and her I was, so in answer to her enquiry I replied, why don’t you select for me!

Lisa proceeded to ask me 2 or 3 sensible questions and disappeared.  A glass of wine duly arrived and Lisa arrived with a bowl of Miso Soup.  She helpfully stated, quietly “it is normal to drink from the bowl”

Each dish arrived in procession and the positioning of the plates was adjusted each time.

Salmon Carpaccio Salad – signature dish with instructions not to add any sauce at all

Spicy Tuna Roll Sushi

Salmon and Avocado Roll Sushi

Salmon Teriyaki

The whole was very enjoyable. Lisa was memorable, each of the dishes was individual, looked wonderful and the different flavours were stunning.


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